Scholarship Applications for Class of 2020 posted December 1, 2019.

Scholarships For Graduates of the William S. Hart High School District

Types of Donations


Types of Donations

 Unrestricted Donations are given for the Foundation, which is composed only of volunteers,  to use where need is greatest.  Unrestricted funds might be used to:

  • Buy award certificates and printing for scholarship winners 
  • Buy postage, stationery and similar materials that allow continued communication with recipients and sponsors 
  • Supplement SCVSF awards which are issued a minimum of $750

Restricted Donations may be designated by the donor to help fund an existing scholarship or to fund a specific Foundation operating expense.  Examples of memorial awards that accept donations can be found at Awards.

Donor Designated Scholarships are specific awards designed and funded by individual sponsors.  Designated scholarships are most often given in the name of businesses, organizations, families, living individuals or as memorial awards.

Designated scholarships may be funded for one year, established for a finite number of years, or given until a specified amount of money has been awarded. The funding donor may specify conditions for the scholarship.  Examples of criteria used by current scholarships include:

  • A minimum and/or maximum grade point average
  • A particular career path such as medicine, engineering, the sciences, the arts, etc.
  • A particular type of continuing education such as vocational school, community college or a 4-year college or university
  • To be awarded to a recipient attending a specific high school
  • To be awarded to multiple recipients such as one boy and one girl from each high school

If you are interested in designing and funding your own scholarship:

  1. Download the PDF:  Scholarship Sponsor Criteria and Privacy Form
  2. Download the SCVSF Donor Gift Acceptance Policy form.
  3. Contact the SCVSF for questions or additional information.

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